chapter  Chapter 12
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Abandoned Mine Shaft

ByBill McHenry, Jim McHenry

Valuable minerals, raw materials, gems, and rare metals are extracted from them. In the past, when the mines were spent of their value, companies would often abandon them, leaving an open shaft. Similarly, the skills found in this section leave deep shafts that, once entered, are difficult to back away from. The purpose of advice giving to provide the client with what the therapist believes is the right answer. If used as a primary therapy technique, it encourages the client to rely on the therapist or others for answers. It detracts from the helping relationship as a mutual connection and makes it a one-up, one-down interaction, with the client being in the one-down position. The therapist provides the client with advice that she thinks the client should follow to have a better life. This advice may take the form of a direct comment or subtle, below-the-surface comments.