chapter  Chapter 14
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Intertwined Interventions

ByBill McHenry, Jim McHenry

Intertwined interventions occur when the therapist connects two or more skills in one sentence or statement. The therapist may combine a paraphrase with an open question, a summary with a closed question, or a confrontation with immediacy, to name only three of the myriad of possible combinations. The potential for adding breadth and depth to the discussion with these advanced skills is endless. Intertwined interventions may also help the therapist anchor the last portion of the statement made in previous material. For example, sometimes it is too big of a swing to take what a client has said and reflect back the deeper meaning. However, anchoring the therapist’s lead on what the client has already said, reflected in different words, helps to show the client how the therapist arrived at the notion he did. With this approach there is less chance of resistance to what the therapist is saying.