chapter  Chapter 2
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Pragmatic Therapy

ByBill McHenry, Jim McHenry

In a pragmatic sense, therapy consists of three tiers. The first tier is where the therapist hears how the client sees herself in the moment. Often, as rapport and increased therapist–client understanding develops, the process moves on to the second tier. The third tier is the place where the therapist and client focus on actions rather than just words, thoughts, or feelings. Finding ways and methods to end sessions can make the therapeutic process much more productive and clearer for both the therapist and client. Through purposeful and practiced starting and ending of sessions, counselors can become quite comfortable in the therapy that can occur right from the start of the session and therapy that can happen as a result of a good end of session. Part of the process of getting into a place where the client can take advantage of our services is the use of effective techniques and approaches to actually starting the session well.