chapter  Chapter 3
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The Reflecting Pool

ByBill McHenry, Jim McHenry

With each of the skills in this chapter, the therapist employs some variation of reflection of client’s words, feelings, meanings, and/or thoughts. This pool of skills assists the therapist in establishing rapport with client. Overuse of specific techniques in the chapter can become both bothersome and annoying to clients. Care must be taken to pepper in different ways of responding to a client in their storytelling. Depth and clarity are two vital components to counseling process. Regardless of the approach, theory, or personal style, good therapy includes having the client tell his story, present his issue(s), and discuss possible remedies at a more than superficial level. Many of the techniques in the chapter can be used to either add to the process of counseling or simply keep the discussion at a superficial level. The authors encourage beginning therapists to use these techniques as both a way of connecting with the client and a way of getting deeper in the process.