chapter  Chapter 4
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The Questioning Tree

ByBill McHenry, Jim McHenry

The therapist uses questions to retrieve information, acquire insight, move to a deeper part of client’s story, or suggest that client consider things in a different way. Excessive questioning may also send the message to client that his role is simply to answer such queries. The wording of the question is absolutely critical. For example, skilled practitioners understand that asking a question about the past versus the future can have a significantly different impact on the response by the client. Most counselors will suggest that good questions have an anchor in client’s story. Because questions ask the client to reveal or discuss possibly some new information, questions that come out of blue at the client may not be as successful as those that have a point of reference for the client to understand the meaning and purpose of what is being asked. Most theories utilize different varieties of questions to highlight and pinpoint problems and solutions for the client.