chapter  Chapter 9
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Using resources effectively

ByMike Bell

This chapter covers five areas of school/college resources and discusses ways to use those human and/or financial resources most effectively: teacher workload, staff development, teaching assistants, information technology and myths and low-effect methods. For instance, 'Gender Differences' is one of the most popular subjects but the overwhelming evidence from hundreds of experiments is that teaching males and females in different ways is not effective. Teachers can make an effective contribution to original research by participating in well-organised research by outside organisations such as the Education Endowment Foundation. There is no evidence that simply having the technology is effective. Technology works best when it improves the implementation of proven methods. The easiest way to save on resources is simply to stop doing things which are either myths or have been shown to be ineffective. Being an academy, a charter school or a free school does not automatically lead to higher standards.