chapter  Chapter 2
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C&G Unit 301: Understand the fundamental principles and requirements of environmental technology systems

ByTrevor Linsley

This chapter discusses how the building location and features affect the potential to install microgeneration technologies and examines the advantages and disadvantages associated with microgeneration technologies. The legislation dealing with the environment has evolved for each part – air, water, land noise, radioactive substances. The system of Pollution Prevention and Control replaced that of Integrated Pollution Control established by the Environmental Protection Act 1990, thus bringing environmental law into the new millennium and implementing the European Directive on integrated pollution prevention and control. New Hazardous Waste Regulations were introduced in July 2005 and under these regulations electric discharge lamps and tubes such as fluorescent, sodium, metal halide and mercury vapour are classified as hazardous waste. The responsibilities of the Environmental Health Officers are concerned with reducing risks and eliminating the dangers to human health associated with the living and working environment. Renewable energy is no less reliable than energy generated from more traditional sources.