chapter  Chapter 4
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C&G Unit 303: Electrical installations: Fault diagnosis and rectification

ByTrevor Linsley

This chapter discusses how electrical faults are diagnosed and examines he process of fault rectification. Electric shock occurs when a person becomes part of the electrical circuit. The level or intensity of the shock will depend upon many factors, such as age, fitness and the circumstances in which the shock is received. Electrical installation circuits usually carry in excess of 1A and often carry hundreds of amperes. Electronic circuits operate in the milliampere or even microampere range. The introduction of fibre-optic cable systems and digital transmissions will undoubtedly affect future cabling arrangements and the work of the electrician. The mains electrical supply in the United Kingdom is extremely reliable and secure. Especially adverse installation conditions are to be encountered on agricultural and horticultural premises because of the presence of livestock, vermin, dampness, corrosive substances and mechanical damage. The electrical installations on caravan sites, and within caravans, must comply in all respects with the wiring regulations for buildings.