chapter  Chapter 5
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C&G Unit 304: Electrical installations: Inspection, testing and commissioning

ByTrevor Linsley

This chapter discusses implement safe systems of work before inspecting and testing an electrical installation and explains the purpose of certification documentation. It examines the inspection process and schedules of inspection and explores the requirements for commissioning electrical systems. The electrical installation must therefore be inspected and tested periodically during its lifetime to confirm that it remains safe to use at least until the next inspection and test is carried out. The inspection required of an electrical installation must be a ‘detailed examination’ of the installation without dismantling or with only partial dismantling as is required. The Electricity at Work Regulations are very specific in describing the procedure to be used for isolation of the electrical supply. A quarter of all serious electrical accidents involve portable electrical appliances; that is, equipment which has a cable lead and plug and which is normally moved around or can easily be moved from place to place.