chapter  Chapter 6
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C&G Unit 305: Electrical systems design

ByTrevor Linsley

This chapter identifies the information required for electrical systems design and describes the factors affecting the selection of electrical wiring systems. It explains how to carry out a programme of work for the installation of electrical systems and explores the importance of sustainable design. The designer of an electrical installation must ensure that the design meets the requirements of the IET Wiring Regulations for electrical installations and any other regulations which may be relevant to a particular installation. The electrical design must take into account the environmental conditions to which the installation will be subjected. Electrical equipment in surroundings susceptible to risk of fire or explosion shall be constructed or protected so as to prevent danger. An electrical installation is made up of many different electrical circuits: lighting circuits, power circuits, single-phase domestic circuits and three-phase industrial or commercial circuits. Junction boxes are probably the most popular method of making connections in domestic properties.