chapter  4
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Failure to Consider All Aspects of the Project

WithGerald J. Watson, Jesse J. Derouin

One example involved the installation of a healing garden that specified the color green but not the specific green. The contract required a revision to specify a specific color of green. Another example involving the healing garden was that it was to be heated so that any accumulated snow or ice would melt to prevent slips and falls. The problem was that when asked how much electricity would be needed, the response was just a little bit. This omission to consider the electricity requirements resulted in contract renegotiation and ultimately the loss of that part of the healing garden. Another mistake occurred when a JPEG image was used to match the leather from a foreign supplier instead of sending a yard of the carpet. Another mistake committed was the failure to include vertical uprights when relaying out a huge warehouse, with the misguided thought that due to their small size it was not possible for them to interfere with a brilliant layout.