chapter  5
15 Pages

Failure to Ask Others for Assistance

WithGerald J. Watson, Jesse J. Derouin

Another category of mistakes by people is the failure to ask for advice. It is not due to the lack of competence on the part of the decision maker, but due to the lack of critical thinking to determine what advice others can provide based on their experience and education that will increase the probability of success on any project. Examples provided in this chapter clearly show that if advice was sought and taken, then many costly mistakes could be avoided. Failure to use available qualified electricians was the mistake that resulted in the power being shut off to the operating room. Another was the failure to print shipping labels to a large customer due to not asking for assistance from a sister plant that was able to print them. Another resulted in a lawsuit threat for patent infringement due to the failure of not asking for professional legal assistance. The lawsuit was avoided by overpaying the company that threatened the litigation.