chapter  13
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Where Do We Go from Here?

ByMichael J. Lannoo, Rochelle M. Stiles

Busby and Brecheisen suggested that Crawfish Frogs evolved to breed in bison wallows. Even if Crawfish Frogs did not evolve to breed in bison wallows, modern agriculture and associated drainage efforts across the southern Midwest and Great Plains have decimated most isolated wetlands. In 2015, Jonathan Swan constructed artificial burrows with dimensions based on burrows occupied by juvenile Crawfish Frogs. Juvenile Crawfish Frogs apparently have a strong drive to disperse, and not only would time spent in retreat sites slow down their rate of dispersal, given the size of the burrows they choose and their behavior at them, burrow habitation likely does not reduce the rate of predation, and may, in fact, enhance it. Given the number of predators drawn to wetland margins, Crawfish Frog juveniles would enjoy a substantial survival advantage by getting as far away from a wetland edge as quickly as possible.