chapter  15
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True Frogs Don’t Sleep

ByMichael J. Lannoo, Rochelle M. Stiles

Using a variety of video and still-motion technologies, this chapter demonstrates that Crawfish Frogs exhibit around-the-clock activity patterns, and do not appear to sleep or exhibit winter torpor. The moderate temperature and moisture conditions of the late spring and early fall seasons enabled Crawfish Frogs to be active around-the-clock. Despite typically living alone in upland burrows and not being in social contact with any other Crawfish Frog, the activity patterns of individual frogs were uncannily synchronous, shifting from diurnal to circumdiel to nocturnal and back to circumdiel then diurnal as the year progressed, as if they were choreographed. The literature on Crawfish Frogs is riddled with confusion about their activity patterns. RMS has suggested that the behavioral plasticity that allows Crawfish Frogs to be active day and/or night gives them some capacity to be naturally resilient to the current effects of climate extremes.