chapter  4
24 Pages

Shelter from the Storm

ByMichael J. Lannoo, Rochelle M. Stiles

Crawfish Frogs will occasionally abandon their primary burrows. As important as crayfish burrows are to Crawfish Frogs, Crawfish Frogs are unencumbered by the responsibility of keeping them clean. A Crawfish Frog moving up and down its burrow then presses the more resistant elements of the stool, such as grasshopper legs and beetle elytra, against the burrow wall, creating a diet-driven interior decor. For Crawfish Frogs, life in a crayfish burrow means immediate and consistent access to summer rehydration and winter warmth. The hydric and thermal advantages of crayfish burrows to Crawfish Frogs are measurable and undeniable. But Crawfish Frogs are thought to have arisen in east Texas, an arid land that knows no frost. Crawfish Frogs use crayfish burrows the same way turtles use their shells. The relationship adult Crawfish Frogs have with their burrows represents a true adaptation, a novel behavioral trait invented by them that greatly increases their chances for survival.