chapter  8
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The Circle of Life

ByMichael J. Lannoo, Rochelle M. Stiles

At its core, wildlife management is nothing more than discovering where, when, and how death occurs, and attempting to prevent or reduce it. Vanessa separated Crawfish Frog life history into five discrete stages—egg, tadpole, juvenile, first-year breeding adult, and older breeding adults—and examined mortality during each stage. Trespassing regularly occurs with small, agile frogs such as Chorus Frogs, Spring Peepers, and Gray Treefrogs, but rarely with large, bulky frogs such as adult Crawfish Frogs or their tiny, 30 mm- long juveniles. A little after dusk Crawfish Frogs exit wetlands for burrows that, at an average of 350 meters out, are a long night’s trek away. Unlike Crawfish Frogs entering wetlands, or other amphibian species exiting wetlands, Crawfish Frogs leaving wetlands do not move along fences and fall into pitfall traps in the same way they do when entering wetlands.