chapter  Chapter 6
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ByToby Burrows

The development of automation in British university libraries has continued, despite the marked limitation in other areas of activity, notably staffing and acquisitions. When surveyed by SCONUL, 79% of university libraries said that they had received additional money for equipment for automation between 1979/80 and 1984/85; 34% had been given extra funds for staff. In 1985/86, 34% of libraries received additional money for equipment, and 9% for staff. Some 55% considered they had been able to devote an adequate level of funding to equipment for automation up to 1984/85, while 42% felt funds for equipment were adequate in 1985/86. 1 There is evidence here that provision for library automation has been perceived as more satisfactory than for other areas of library activity, but these statistics conceal a whole range of difficulties, tensions, and uncertainties about the future.