chapter  Chapter 7
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Relations with Other Libraries

ByToby Burrows

The financial difficulties and changing circumstances of recent years have had their effect on university libraries’ activities outside the university, as well as on their internal operations. There has been increasing pressure for co-operation, co-ordination, and rationalization across the whole range of university libraries. In part, this pressure has come from the university itself. The main motive has been to save money; the Vice-Chancellors of Bath and Bristol, for example, tried to insist on a rationalization of periodicals subscriptions for this reason, despite the objections of library staff and academics. But at a time when universities are being forced to cooperate in rationalization and co-ordination themselves, and are being urged to look outward to other universities and the community as a whole, there is a general climate of co-operation in the universities which is being passed on to their libraries.