chapter  10
13 Pages

Reflections and outlook

ByFiona Zakaria

The design of emergency Sanitation Operation System (eSOS) Smart Toilet supported with eSOS Monitor aim to have a toilet system that can be constructed quickly, without ground excavation, and most importantly, can cope with high number and fluctuative usages. The eSOS monitoring software provides novel data on toilet use and operations. The eSOS Monitor was started as a governing software to monitor operational of eSOS Smart Toilet. The experimental prototype of eSOS Smart Toilet was designed to serve mainly as testing platform. The software was then expanded to function as a monitoring software not only for the toilet, but also to track the emptying and transport operation. The eSOS Smart Toilet design which featured universal application in communities with different after-toilet cleaning cultures was evaluated in a disaster affected population who perform cleansing with water. The chapter also presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book.