chapter  3
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eSOS™ Smart Toilet development history

ByFiona Zakaria

The emergency sanitation operation system (eSOS) and smart toilets are globally applicable to wide spectrum of emergency situations where external aid is needed for sanitation. The purpose of having the experimental toilet is to use it for development and proofing the concept with focus on the applied research, while the final prototype is the necessary step bridging the development and commercial production. The experimental eSOS Smart Toilet has unique and innovative feature of having interchangeable squat and pedestal type of interface enabling it to be adapted to different social, cultural and religious environments. The energy to power eSOS Smart Toilet is provided by a solar panel mounted at the roof of the toilet and batteries located at the bottom part of the toilet. The eSOS Smart Toilet is integrated into an easy-deployable emergency sanitation kit consisting of hardware and software components. The toilet is equipped with the ultraviolet lamp mounted at the top of the toilet.