chapter  6
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Food product placement

Integration of advertising and entertainment
ByFariba Esmaeilpour, Mitra Shabani Nashtaee

Product placement is a marketing strategy that places products in a visible context different from a typical marketing context. Product and brand placement have created numerous advantages for advertisers, particularly when they have few resources in comparison to their competitors. Brands and/or products are placed in a novel in order to add description and aid development of a mental image to support the story. Therefore, responsible food marketing to children tends to use new media to reach young consumers, although older media such as television and packaging remain equally important. Exposure to food commercial messages and media content at the same time can blur boundaries between advertising, entertainment, and information. The role of advertising on children’s food choice: a mixed method research. The complete integration of a food brand into the entertainment experience facilitates the transfer of positive affect from the medium to the food through classical conditioning.