chapter  9
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Context and Contribution

ByAhmad M. Salih

The idea of the book started back in 2008 when the economic crises occurred and many organisations vanished within days. I used to work as a project manager and many of my clients could not make it and laid off hundreds of employees in just a few days. At the same time, I witnessed a few organisations passed safely through those difficult times and became even stringent and gained better market share than before. United Arab Emirates and Dubai were taken as focal points to implement this study and test its outcomes. I was privileged to have access to a great number of professionals where I conducted more than 60 interviews to explore how the model’s components work together. The model developed can now be used by individuals, Human resources departments, organisations, and to a certain extent public sector institutions to train and prepare their employees before they send them to overseas assignments, or assign them on projects in a multi-cultural workplace.