chapter  Chapter 1
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Tokyo and the Olympics

ByJohn Horne, Garry Whannel

Tokyo 1964 is held up as the key moments in the history of modern Japan. By the end of the 1950s the ambition to be the first Asian host for the Olympics came to fruition when Tokyo was awarded the 1964 Summer Games. The 1964 Olympics played a key part in the reconstruction of Japan, and Tokyo, after the end of World War II, and the Allied Occupation from 1945–1952. The Tokyo bid for the Games in the 1930s was partly secured through the British policy of appeasement but Japan’s bid was underpinned by a long-term strategy. In addition to the successful bids for the Summer and Winter Olympics Tokyo applied to be host of the Summer Olympic Games to be held in 1960 and 2016, Nagoya for the 1988 Summer Games, Osaka for 2008, and Beijing for 2000. The Tokyo 2020 bid file stated that there would be no ‘adverse effect on local communities, natural or cultural resources’.