chapter  Chapter 1
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Setting the scene

ByRachel Cosgrove

Inclusive teaching is about planning and creating great lessons in which everyone can learn and engage. The inclusive approach meets everyone in class where they are, and allows teachers to provide choices and options for pupils in how they absorb information, how they make sense of it and how they express or record what they have learned. All pupils are expected to make progress, and pupils progress at different rates, but inadequate progress may be the first step to identifying a special need. If staff are concerned that, despite high-quality teaching and intervention, a pupil is not making expected progress and there may be a barrier to learning, the school’s special educational needs (SEN) coordinator should be consulted. Schools are expected to deal with and cater to a range of medical and social needs and maintain strong safeguarding systems. This chapter also presents an overview of the concepts discussed in this book.