chapter  Chapter 2
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It’s all in the planning

ByRachel Cosgrove

The lesson planning involves a trial-and-error cycle alongside having the confidence to deviate from the reader original plan if the scheme isn’t working as well as reader’d hoped for a particular group of pupils. Many pupils with additional needs struggle with recall, and this is probably because they didn’t have secure understanding in the first place. People can usually only remember something at a later stage if they have a reasonable understanding of it. The bricks are the important facts and skills needed to master the new content. Bricks can be part of the general teaching or they can form part of any pre-teaching. Bricks will include new vocabulary, new practical skills, key numeracy skills, a new format or layout, key facts or maybe a certain routine that pupils need to learn for a task. Pupils need to engage in activities that reinforce the content or skill through practise and application.