chapter  Chapter 4
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Accessible assessment and feedback

ByRachel Cosgrove

Baseline assessment is key in knowing the starting levels of each pupil. The reader may need to adapt a baseline assessment for some pupils to get a true picture; for example, a dyslexic pupil may be able to do the class baseline assessment with a reader, or a pupil with more complex learning needs may need an assessment pitched at a lower chronological age/content level. Pupils may compare themselves to each other even at an early age, so it is hard to ‘hide’ test scores as they may ask their peers anyway. Pupils need clear feedback along their learning journey in order to make the appropriate next steps. Feedback policies vary between schools, but many pupils with additional needs benefit from support to access that feedback. Teachers can use Teaching assistant (TA) feedback to judge progress, and this can be used to plan next steps for the individuals or groups within the class.