chapter  Chapter 7
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Strategies for learners – the nuts and bolts

ByRachel Cosgrove

Anger is an extreme emotion that impacts not only individual pupils but peers and staff as well. It is normal to worry and have fears, and some anxious feelings can be useful to us as part of our response to threats. However, these anxious thoughts can become a problem when they interfere with everyday activities. Anxiety is unfortunately quite common in school-aged pupils and is preventing some pupils from accessing normal opportunities. Attention-seeking behaviours can be some of the most frustrating behaviours to deal with. A good place for teachers to start is by asking a colleague to observe the behaviours and responses in action, in order to identify how the learners manifest in class and what is reinforcing them. It is important that schools have an awareness of how chronic fatigue and pain conditions affect pupils’ access to learning. Chronic fatigue is usually diagnosed in secondary-aged pupils but can be identified in younger children.