chapter  Chapter 04
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Collectives and Self-Initiated Projects: Making It up as You go along

A handful of up-and-coming, driven young architects and designers are eschewing traditional modes of education and practice in favour of a more resourceful, hands-on way of building. Architecture can expand into a multidisciplinary game where everyone brings Nicholas Henninger own tools and knowledge to contribute to a collective piece. London-based Turner Prize winner Assemble is a design and architecture collective with a belief in the importance of addressing the disconnections between the public and the process by which their urban spaces are made. Assemble is a London-based, multidisciplinary collective working across architecture, design, art and research. Made up of 16 founder members under the age of 30, Assemble works from Sugarhouse Studios, a collaborative workshop space which it runs and shares with a company of carpenters and stonemasons, and 12 other individuals and small business.