chapter  Chapter 05
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Participative Building and Materiality: Scarcity of Resources and a Platform for Communication

This chapter provides Berlin-based artist duo Folke Kobberling and Martin Kaltwasser, in their own idiosyncratic way use throwaway objects and discarded materials, found and collected themselves, to create ad hoc, self-built urban interventions. Their projects take on a form of their own, shaped by the back-to-basics building process. Rejected material, including teak, came from nearby Cambridge University, while the large central timber-panel ground floor had previously served as a stage dance floor. Each practice, Folke Kobberling and Martin Kaltwasser, and Plastique Fantastique — incidentally both from Germany – use materiality in two unique ways to facilitate experimental, open and communicative design processes, empowering imaginative, spontaneous, new encounters in urban public spaces.