chapter  Chapter 06
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The Art World and Temporary Architecture: The Meeting of Two Disciplines

This chapter provides examples of designers inspired by work outside their field, architects working with artists, and initiatives combining the two. Developers and arts groups are opening their eyes to the value of a more fluid design process that involves multiple actors from different creative disciplines collaborating and learning from each other. The resulting work, Black Maria, was a pop-up wooden auditorium that sat in the atrium of the art and design school for four weeks in 2013. She explains that her interest in temporary architecture was sparked by The Deptford Project, an abandoned commuter train that was transformed into a café in 2008. Part of a wider project to regenerate the disused railway yard of Deptford Station. A year later, The Pavilion, a collaboration with Luke Morgan, was a temporary pavilion installed in the lobby of Mecanoo’s Library of Birmingham.