chapter  Chapter 12
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Case study of a poor building survey report

WithMike Hoxley

The survey is an early example of a seller’s report as it was commissioned by the agents engaged to dispose of the property by auction. The commentary is based on an inspection undertaken after the survey was carried out. It is recommended that the report be read initially without reading the commentary. Overall, the surveyor’s opinion – that the property is structurally sound but requires extensive modernisation, and will provide a new owner with the opportunity to restore it without having to undo the work of others – is a valid one. The framework is in original softwood timbers with principal and common rafters, purlins and collars. There has been some recent minor repairs and reinforcements of the framework. There appears to be no wholesale failure of the floors to date and if any remedial works are found to be necessary these are likely to be repairs rather than wholesale renewal.