chapter  Chapter 9
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Inspecting other elements

WithMike Hoxley

Security should also be considered when inspecting windows and external walls. The adequacy of window locks and the existence of mortice deadlocks to doors should be checked. Fixed boards should be raised for a full building survey, but the surveyor is only required to raise loose boards when undertaking the intermediate level inspection. The condition of both the staircase itself and the balustrades and handrails should be inspected. Great care is required when inspecting any property that has chimney stacks, and the surveyor should ensure that sufficient time is allowed to inspect fully all aspects of the stacks. The next careful inspection required is in the roof space, where the existence of the chimneys should be verified and a note of the condition recorded, paying particular attention to any evidence of rain penetration. Particular attention should be paid to the head of the opening as any distortion in the position is a likely indication of structural movement.