chapter  V
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Solomon Islands: Fishing the Commons

WithLloyd Timberlake

Dudley’s village of Aola, on the horth coast of the island of Guadalcanal, recently connected by road to the Solomon Islands’ capital of Honiara to the west, is a paradise for children who like to hunt and fish. Most of the dwellings are made in the traditional way: light poles support rafters above which are roofs of sago palm leaves; the walls are bamboo or thatch. The Solomon Islands, which gained independence from Britain as recently as 1978, comprise a banana-shaped line of six large islands and innumerable smaller ones curving south-eastwards from Papua New Guinea and running parallel to the north-east coastline of Australia. The Solomon Islands saw in the deal with Taiyo Gyogyo a way of realising several of their own goals: a share in the profits from tuna sales; an entree into world markets offered by one of the few companies that could compete with the other big international companies.