chapter  chapter 1
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How much have we achieved in 50 years?

ByJulie Fleck

This chapter looks at what we have learnt about inclusive design since the first British Standard to address access for disabled people was published in 1967 – CP96 Access for the Disabled to Buildings – and how technical standards, legislation and regulations have developed in the UK. In the 1980s it was very frustrating that planning legislation was limited to raising access issues ‘on the grant of planning permission’. It seemed a missed opportunity not to be able to negotiate good accessibility as part of the planning process – raising the issue as an informative on the grant of planning permission was far too late. Despite the improvements in planning policy and building regulations during the 1990s, further legislation was needed to enforce the standards and to help create a more accessible environment, and more importantly to give disabled people themselves the power to shape and influence the design of the environment.