chapter  Chapter 2
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Designing an accessible City

ByJulie Fleck

This chapter looks at the reaction of one local authority – the City of London Corporation – to the changes in the planning and building regulations. Awareness was raised with businesses in the City and improvements were made to access and facilities for disabled people at the Corporation’s own buildings. The west entrance is used regularly as the ceremonial entrance by the Lord Mayor and City Aldermen. It used to have three stone steps leading up from an internal corridor, built as part of a major extension to Guildhall in the 1970s. Advice from Wandsworth Disablement Association was useful when considering priorities for expenditure on the City’s Access Adaptations Programme. Eventually, the City streets gradually became more and more accessible. This incremental approach took time, but it did result in positive change. The impact of legislation, regulation, improved technical standards and the political approach taken by the City of London Corporation has seen significant change.