chapter  chapter 4
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The good, the bad and the inaccessible

ByJulie Fleck

The Sill visitor centre on Hadrian’s Wall, in Northumberland National Park, opened in the summer of 2017 with excellent access and facilities for disabled people – delivered in a way that demonstrates good inclusive design, considered and implemented from the outset of the project. A meandering path leads up from the garden, past the cafe, up and over the roof, giving increasingly good views over Hadrian’s Wall and the wonderful Northumberland landscape. Classrooms are large enough to ensure sufficient circulation space for signed communication and space for wheelchair users, mobility equipment and personal assistants, and are designed to allow flexible arrangements of furniture that enable good eye contact and visibility. The way the Triple A Forum worked with management and the way management integrated accessibility and inclusion into their policies and practices resulted in the O2 achieving Gold status in the Attitude is Everything Charter of Good Practice.