chapter  2.0
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What is EnerPHit?

ByJames Traynor

EnerPHit was launched by the Passive House Institute in 2010 as the target standard for the refurbishment of buildings. There are two routes for achieving EnerPHit certification. The first is the achievement of the specific heat demand and other criteria set out below, and the other is the use of Passivhauscertified products on an elemental basis. Therefore, an alternative route to compliance under EnerPHit using Passivhaus-certified components is offered whereby improvements are made on an elemental basis. Although the Passivhaus/EnerPHit/low-energy building standards have been widely adopted by many clients and some local authorities, they are typically not statutory, and are not the only ultra-low-energy standards for buildings in Europe. Unlike most methodologies and certification routes, Passivhaus/EnerPHit incorporates both measurement of as-built performance on site and third-party sign-off. There are several building refurbishment and sustainability standards which might be considered; however, the EnerPHit standard is perhaps the most rigorous standard available.