chapter  3.0
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The challenges of EnerPHit

ByJames Traynor

To achieve the EnerPHit standard a building will typically require a deep retrofit involving a holistic whole-building upgrade to all building elements and components, including walls, floor, roofs, windows, doors and services. The client should be aware of both the benefits and challenges in achieving EnerPHit on their specific building before undertaking the project. In the UK several retrofit pilot projects have been undertaken to assess the challenges and opportunities of building retrofit, most notably the Retrofit for the Future programme undertaken by Innovate UK. Retrofit is typically more challenging than newbuild, and careful coordination is required. Pilot projects themselves have also become a barrier to wider adoption of deep retrofit. While the nature of pilot projects is to understand the challenges, this has caused some clients to consider deep retrofit as too difficult or expensive for widespread application. Where larger retrofit projects have been undertaken, the administrative challenges have proved even larger than the technical obstacles.