chapter  4.0
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Step-by-step to EnerPHit

ByJames Traynor

Recognising the need to support building owners to achieve deep retrofit to the EnerPHit standard and the forthcoming nZEB requirements, the Passivhaus Institute launched the EU-funded EuroPHit project in 2014. To ensure long-term compliance via a step-by-step route, a pre-certification route is provided for quality assurance that allows the building owner and designer to plan, measure and monitor performance over time. Understanding the replacement cycles for each element is essential when planning step-by-step retrofit to avoid duplication and ensure that the ‘anyway’ maintenance cost is incorporated within each retrofit. Step-by-step deep retrofit requires long-term planning to ensure that the necessary measures are aligned with other essential maintenance works to avoid duplication. Building Information Modelling can also be applied in a step-by-step process and can be tailored to the needs of the building owner. The triggers for planned maintenance can vary depending on ownership, management and building typology.