chapter  6.0
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Residential Case Studies

ByJames Traynor

This chapter presents case studies that reflect the main forms of ownership and several types of occupancy, with affordable housing, sheltered housing, student housing, private owner-occupied housing and private rented housing. EnerPHit implemented on a step-by-step basis offers the best long-term solution and should be considered as part of a new national residential retrofit programme. The high degree of heat loss and the expensive, inefficient heating system meant the residents suffered from extreme fuel poverty, as shown in resident feedback. During early consultation events, it became clear that residents were concerned about the loss of external space. As part of the ongoing research projects both the London School of Economics and Southampton University continue to monitor the performance of the building and the satisfaction of the residents. Heating controls are very simple, with a single thermostat, and residents can also boost ventilation via a single switch.