chapter  4
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Dark Triad of Leadership (DTL) and Toxic Leadership (TL)

ByLola-Peach Martins, Maria De Lourdes Lazzarin

In this chapter we consider the Dark Triad of Leadership (DTL) and Toxic Leadership (TL) and link these to harmful behaviours. Again, drawing on the work of renowned scholars, we make clear that the behaviours exhibited by some leaders fall within the overlapping categories of the Dark Triad ofLeadership - narcissism, Machiavellianism, and sub-clinical psychopathy. These behaviours are categorised into those that are common and associated with the dark side of leadership. Hence, this chapter considers the overlap between each of the behaviours exhibited by DTL types of leaders, and we draw particular attention to the work of Clive Boddy, whose research focuses on corporate psychopathy.