chapter  11
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Military Reinforcement of the FAR Between 1963 and 1964

WithHåkan Karlsson, Tomás Diez Acosta

This chapter covers the reinforcement of the Cuban military forces between 1963–1964 both in the light of an internal reorganization of the forces, and the military resources received from the Soviet Union in accordance with the agreement of May 29. The Cuban defense capacity was significantly increased during this time. This, through the transformation of the FAR within the framework a new system of completion, meant the change of the voluntary system to a mandatory one that raised the number of troops, and that led to the creation of new military branches and units, as well as through the high technology defensive weapons received from the Soviet Union. The chapter also covers the Cuban leadership’s reasoning concerning the relation to the Soviet Union and the need to reinforce the Cuban forces in the light of U.S. aggressions.