chapter  3
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Proposals from the Coordinator of Cuban Affairs

WithHåkan Karlsson, Tomás Diez Acosta

This chapter covers the initial proposal from the Coordinator for Cuban Affairs and the committee in the beginning of 1963 and how this was handled, and decided upon, by the Kennedy administration. The proposal presented two alternative policies of action toward Cuba and both alternatives were highly aggressive and there existed no significant differences between them since in both cases they pursued the same purpose—to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, one implicitly and the other explicitly. The chapter shows, however, that in addition to existing programs, the documents stressed the intensification of covert action aiming at the collection and the obtaining of information inside Cuba and especially within the regime itself, and the actions proposed were also aimed at making the economic blockade of Cuba tighter and to obstruct Cuba’s foreign trade. The chapter also covers the discussions concerning the future of the Cuban Brigade and the use of Cuban exiles in subversion activities.