chapter  6
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The Internal Counterrevolutionary “Offensive” in the Beginning of 1963

WithHåkan Karlsson, Tomás Diez Acosta

This chapter covers the fact that the new U.S. policy toward Cuba was totally consistent with the doctrine of “flexible response,” whose essence was masked in a wide range of actions. One of these was the support and encouragement of the armed bands and the counterrevolutionary groups that acted in the interior of Cuba. During 1963 the subversive actions and acts of sabotage for damaging and/or destroying warehouses, industrial plants, merchant vessels or other economic facilities increased dramatically. The chapter also shows that the infiltration of spies and terrorists intensified, and weapons and explosives for terrorist activities were smuggled into the country by naval and air means at the same time as the pirate attacks continued toward Cuban vessels, as well as toward ships from other countries that transported goods to or from the island. The chapter also covers the plans to encourage the treachery of Cuban officials and military personnel, with the aim of trying to promote a coup against the Revolutionary Government with the help of the Cuban armed forces. The chapter also presents some of these armed groups and their illegal and bloody operations, as well as some of their innocent victims.