chapter  Chapter 6
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Robbery and Thrill

ByMark Safarik, Katherine Ramsland

We include thrill with robbery, since these motivators were present together more times than not. When thrill is the primary motive, theft can be sporadic or an afterthought, especially the theft of a car or money. Sometimes we see desperation in this category, but more often the killings are senseless. The violence is often excessive and gratuitous, as most of the robberies could have been committed by intimidation without committing the murder. The use of force is recognized as excessive beyond what is necessary even in terms of witness elimination. It is the recognition of the excessive injury and use of multiple weapons that warrants our observation that thrill is often comorbid with robbery, and sometimes the offenders admitted it. In this category we also found more teams of two or more acting together, as well as the involvement of more females. None of the lone operators were female. The suicide rate for robbery/thrill killers is quite low compared to those motivated by anger or a mission. In this category, there were two suicides and one attempt.

Total: 78 cases, 121 killers (12 females, plus 2 that were not charged)

Teams: 33 cases, 76 killers

Lone operators: 45 cases, 45 killers