chapter  4
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The Psychology of Exercise in Adults

ByJosephine Perry

To benefit from the physical and psychological effects of exercise it is recommended that adults do at least five 30-minute bouts of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week. Studies have found that, right across the adult age group, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (around 30 minutes of it) will facilitate better cognitive performance. For adults the two key lifestyle changes will come as they enter adulthood (when they go through a number of demographic changes, such as leaving home and becoming financially independent) and if they become parents. To increase the success of any exercise programme it is important to be able to tap into what motivates people, so understanding the facilitators of exercise for adults can be really beneficial. Participation can be increased by offering choice of what type and how intensely people get to exercise, having activities and facilities close to home, including ways to increase physical self-esteem, offering both unstructured activities and those which can be done alone.