chapter  3
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LE (Laws of Ešnunna)

WithIlan Peled

This chapter deals with the laws concerning gender relations in Ešnunna. One of the laws states that a merchant or a woman-innkeeper shall not receive from a slave or slave-woman silver, grain, wool, oil or anything else. Another law states that should a man’s son bring the terhatum to the house of his father-in-law, if one of the two meets his/her fate, then the silver shall be returned to its owner. According to another law, if a man has no claim against (another) man, but he takes the man’s slave-woman, imprisons the detainee in his house and causes her death, then he shall restore two slave-women to the slave-woman’s owner. Another law mandated that if a man lays a claim against the house of his father-in-law, because his father-in-law mistreats him (and) gives his daughter to another man, then the daughter’s father shall return twofold the terhatum which he received.