chapter  4
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LH (Laws of Hammurabi)

WithIlan Peled

This chapter deals with the laws concerning gender relations in Hammurabi. One of the laws sates that if a man receives silver, gold, a slave, a slave-woman, an ox, a sheep, a donkey, or anything else from a man’s son or a man’s slave without witnesses or a contract or for safekeeping, then that man is a thief, he shall be killed. Another law states that if a man harbors in his house an escaped slave or slave-woman of the palace or (of) a commoner, and does not bring him out to the herald’s proclamation, then that house master shall be killed. According to another law, a soldier, fisherman or a state tenant shall not write (or assign) to his wife or his daughter any part within a field, orchard or house of his service-obligation, and he shall not give it for his debt.