chapter  9
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NBL (Neo-Babylonian Laws)

WithIlan Peled

This chapter deals with Neo-Babylonian laws concerning gender relations. One of the laws states that a man who sells a slave-woman, and a claim arises against her and she is taken away, then the seller shall give to the buyer silver according to the transaction, in its capital (-amount), and in case she bears children, for each one he shall give half a shekel of silver. Another law says that a man who declares a nudunnu to his daughter, or writes it on a document, and afterwards his property decreases, then he shall give to his daughter the nudunnu according to his property that remained; the father-in-law and the groom shall not mutually alter the agreement. According to another law, a man who gives a nudunnu to his daughter, and she has no son or daughter, and she is carried by fate, then her nudunnu shall be returned to her father’s house.