chapter  1
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LUN (Laws of Ur-Namma)

WithIlan Peled

This chapter lists the Laws of Ur-Namma (LUN) concerning gender laws in the Ancient Near East. The first law says that if a slave marries a slave-woman of his choice, (and) that slave is given his freedom, then the slave-woman shall not leave the household. The second law is that if a slave marries a freed-woman, and presents his master with one heir, then the son who had to be presented to his master [will share] one-half of the goods of his father’s household, (and) his father’s house; the son of a freed-woman shall not become a slave without the consent of the master. According to another law, if a man seduces by deception a betrothed unmarried woman and takes her into his household, then that male shall be killed. However, if a betrothed woman, on her own, has sex with a man, and if the man (prospective husband) kills that woman, then that man shall be set free.